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PowerClassroom Software
- Learning Made Simple -
Learning Mathematics

What Are Customers Saying ?
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- What a Difference It Made -

" My daughter is in 9th Grade Math.   We use your website in conjunction with her book.   What a difference, I recommend PowerMath without any reservations.   Kids really learn the stuff. "
Joice - St. Louis, MO

- Online Help 24/7 -

" I've been looking for help for awhile and since I'm more of a visual learner, I thought PowerMath would help me, and it really has helped me a lot, from Cs to As.   Thanks PowerMath. "
Jeff - Denver, CO

- Captivating Program -

" When I sampled one of your lessons, I knew this was a Math Program that would benefit my son.   The same day I purchased our membership, my son and I sat for two hours and completed an entire lesson with all the supplemental activities.   After we finished, my son said that the virtual-animation on the video was better than his teacher and he understood everything. "
Karen - San Diego, CA

- From Failing It to Mastering It -

" It's much better than I had expected!   My son is a freshman in high school and had been failing Algebra, but PowerMath has engaged and helped him tremendously.   He now loves mathematics. "
Larry - Dallas, TX

- Excellent Curriculum -

" I homeschool my children and use the lessons daily.   The kids love the lessons since they are very easy to understand, entertaining and by working problems out step by step.   Just Excellent! "
Christy - Chicago, IL

- Passed the GED Test -

" I needed help to pass the Math portion of my GED.   I just want to say your site is informative and the math animation did it for me ... awesome! "
Patrick - Boston, MA

- Nursing Graduate -

" My biggest fear in Nursing School was College Algebra.   With the assistance of PowerMath, I cruised right along with an "A" as my final grade.   Thank you PowerMath !"
Marie - Seattle, WA

- 100% Pure Mathematics -

" As a principal of Middle School, I am very impressed with PowerMath.   The instruction is precise, logical and well structured, wasting no time.   You guys really have a great teaching/learning tool.   Math is simple when taught by people who really understands it. "
Larry - Atlanta, GA

- Confidence Builder -

" I am happy to share with you that I passed my Standardized Test and can now join the Academy.   After studying with PowerMath, I felt I breezed right through the math section of that test and felt very confident about it.   I was told that very few people pass the test, and I can gladly say it was very easy for me with the help of PowerMath.   Once again, thank you ! "
Sarah - Rockville, MD

- Perfect Tool for the Math Classroom -

" I am a 10th Grade Math Teacher.   PowerMath has proven to be a great teaching tool/resource and I have told my colleagues about your site.   No learning curves for teachers, just Press & Play, while students engage and learn. "
Chester - Salt Lake City, UT

- Help When You Need -

" My grandaughter is doing 8th Grade Algebra.   She had been getting really low grades because they are moving through the material so quickly.   She had a test 2 days after we subscribed to your program and she got 94% (the highest score in her class), because we had her work through the modules over and over on your website.   She really enjoys PowerMath and her motivation is good again.   Thank you so much. "
Rosie - Orlando, FL

- Catering to Every Type of Learner -

" I am a special ed teacher and this is my first year teaching Algebra II and Geometry.   Once I took a look at your website, I knew it would be exactly what I needed.   Keep up the great work. "
Simon - Philadelphia, PA

- Algebra Was My Nightmare -

" College Algebra was my nightmare and the only university core I needed to graduate.   I would not have met my math competency without PowerMath.   I love PowerMath and in fact, I am addicted to it ! "
Heather - Tampa, FL

- I Never Thought I Could Learn Math...   Now I Do -

" I needed help for College Algebra, as I felt myself slipping backwards and was desperate.   Your website was so helpful - I learned so much here as I was able to pause, write the problem down and unpause again, repeating until it made sense.   Can't do that in class!   I got an 96 on my test the next day, and I have to credit PowerMath for that.   I am depending on your services as the semester rolls along.   Thank you very much ... I plan to brag about PowerMath in class today when we go over our tests : ) "
Joe - Cleveland, OH

( available 24/7 — cancel anytime )


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