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- Learning Made Simple -

Learn   mathematics   visually   with   PowerMath

These are indeed very challenging academic times:   Rising dropout rates, low standards, mediocre achievement, classroom overcrowding, lack of student motivational effort,
  It Is Clear... There Must Be a Better Way!
With classroom teaching experience accumulated over the years, it was clear to us that students needed some new mechanism to stimulate and retain their interest in the science of mathematics.   The everyday chalk and board routine fell short of expectations, reinforcing students daily struggle attempt, to learn difficult mathematical concepts.

The inception of PowerMath® was to provide such mechanism, based on a central principle that "Every Student Can and Will Learn."   The concept was quite simple, teach mathematics by visually stirring all the human senses with color, texture, form, sound, space, language, action and movement, then associations are made... simple really!

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- PowerMath Capitalizes on All these Pedagogic Dimensions to Teach Mathematics -

Immediate Benefits :

Students:   Learn mathematics at your "Own Pace and Learning Style" from practically anywhere.   The 3-D multiple sensory graphics make it fun while you learn without knowing you are learning, and with absolutely no instructional assistance.

Teachers:   Quickly "Capture and Retain" students interest with an organic flow and effective teaching method instead of dwelling on matters of form and correctness, delivered right into your classroom computer.   As such, it optimizes classroom time by engaging learners at once.

PowerMath lessons run like a motion picture.   Computer imagery allow students to get real, to feel, to hear, to sense abstract concepts intuitively, in real-time visualization as opposed to a rigid system of knowledge.   Animations bring subjects to life, an exercise to envision complex & intricate mathematical methodologies as virtual truth, reacting to length, width, height, shape, form, sound, sequence and position in space.


Designed and developed by mathematics instructors for mathematics students, PowerMath unlocks the imagination and cognitive creativity, helping students see patterns in mathematics and form pathways to recall prior knowledge, creating an interaction process of real learning value.

The PowerMath Virtual-Library is available 24/7 via the Internet, in 15 minute-segment lessons requiring no teacher intervention.

PowerMath Virtual Library

PowerMath virtual-reality technology has been featured on the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, The Miami-Herald, Reuters, among others.

PowerMath Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry are currently available; courses in Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Probability & Statistics are being compiled and will be available shortly.   Wth hundreds of viewing hours, each as a complete course of study, PowerMath lesson-shows are applicable to Middle-School, High-School and University level Mathematics.

Students :   Learn   at   Your   Own   Pace   and   Learning   Style

You know that schoolwide "one size fits all" policies simply doesn't work...   but creates unnecessary anxiety on most.   PowerMath provides you with a safe and positive learning experience, guiding you visually, communicating expected rules and directing step-by-step instructions.   You will quickly realize that "Yes You Can" and that learning mathematics is frequently worthwhile and a fun satisfying endeavor.

PowerMath breakes-it-down into bite-size experiences of what is perceived as complicated symbolic language of mathematics.   PowerMath provides you with a wealth of "nuts & bolts" to inquire, construct and embody your own structural thinking, whereby you will quickly make predictions from one structured model to another.   PowerMath will raise your general standard to mathematical thinking, ingraining an intellectual attitude for the order & beauty present in mathematical patterns & structures.

To watch PowerMath lessons you need an Internet connection...   Watch it from home, school library, coffeeshop or whatever!   Computer-delivered audio, video & 3-D graphics will ensure that you grasp & discover math principles for yourself, but having fun at the same time.   A mix of YouTube & MTV while preserving educational integrity.

PowerMath will always be there to help you, at anytime and any place...   The real question is   "Are You Ready for A's in Mathematics ?"

Educators :   Let   PowerMath   Do   the   Teaching   for   You

Work Load

Lecturing in today’s classroom is not a simple matter of standing in front of the class reciting what one knows.   No matter what the topic, delivery and manner in which lectures are carried out may complement or distract from topic content.   It's a real challenge to capture and retain the interest of today's computer savvy students, immersed in a constantly changing highly stimulating instant gratification world.   Today’s students do not learn in the same manner as former generations did and yet, much of the educational curriculum is based on traditional linear teaching methods.   Not surprisingly, results are poor!

Based on "Modular Pedagogy" (student-centric instruction), PowerMath incorporates the elements of multiple-intelligences that account for the broader range of human potential, the learning entryways of the human intellect.   As such, it relates to   "How Are People Smart ?"   rather than   "How Smart Are People ?"

PowerMath Virtual-Reality graphics will help your students visualize elaborate mathematical processes, in a coherent & consistent picture, instead of an inflexible system of knowledge.   Its organic flow communicates the "humanistic elements of doing mathematics," creating a dramatic difference for all students, particularly those at a distinct disadvantage (i.e. ESOL students).

Teachers coping with the diversity of individual learning styles (auditory-visual-kinesthetic), often determine academic success in their students.   Educators incorporating these sensory differences will certainly achieve higher success rates.   Let PowerMath help your students during the process of generalization, with different ways of knowing and understanding ideas.   Internet based, PowerMath can be delivered right into your classroom today, and it is always on!

PowerMath lesson-shows averaging 15 minutes each, are very content specific and easily incorporated into your daily class-plan format.   Just let PowerMath do the actual teaching for you so that you may use your time more effectively.   Then Watch Your Students Motivational Effort Change & Engage At Once!

( available 24/7 — cancel anytime )


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